So, you successfully deployed Smartsheet—but your team still has a million questions.

You know your team needs ongoing support, but hiring an in-house Smartsheet expert is costly.

Maintain your Smartsheet environment with our PrimeTime Support help desk.

Take advantage of our ticketing system to get the help you need—without the price tag of an in-house team.

Hire our help desk for 90 days or longer depending on your team’s needs and the phase of deployment you’re in.

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Learn from our team of Smartsheet industry leaders.

Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge Smartsheet solutions. We’ll keep your team up to speed with the latest training, tips, and insights.

Why Prime Consulting?

Cost-effective Services

Cost-effective services

Time is money—and PrimeTime Support will save you a lot of it.

  • Take advantage of our help desk service

  • Give your employees the resources they need to succeed

  • Improve morale by showing that you want your employees to win

Personalized Support

Personalized support

Have questions? Ask away!

  • Our reps will answer all your team’s questions

  • Enjoy our streamlined ticketing system

  • Get fast, personalized support from our friendly reps

Flexible Programs

Flexible programs

You choose your contract.

  • Work with us for 90 days or more

  • Enjoy flexible contracts to fit your needs

  • Get help with a wide range of support requests

Solutions that work for you

Solutions that work for you

Free up your in-house resources to focus on other tasks.

  • Give your IT/tech team a break from all the questions they receive

  • Overcome Smartsheet challenges quickly and efficiently

  • Make it easy for employees to get the help they need—when they need it

Get PrimeTime Support for these Smartsheet add-ons:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Streamline your team’s creativity and deliver creative assets without worrying about bandwidth.

Calendar App

Visualize your schedule—your way. Create multiple views and color-coded categories for events.


Automate repetitive data entry and cleanup tasks with just a few clicks. (Think of DataMesh as your virtual administrative assistant.)

Data Shuttle

Always keep the big picture in sight. Automatically move data across platforms so you can make data-driven decisions quickly.


Unify siloed data from ERPs, CRMs, and databases. Collaborating on large data sets has never been easier!

Dynamic View

Choose which data you share and when you share it with Dynamic View. Make sure your partners can view the info they need without getting lost in irrelevant data.

Jira Connector

Customize your Smartsheet platform with connections to your favorite third-party apps, including Tableau, Excel, Sense, and Tibco Spotfire.

Live Data Connector

Customize your Smartsheet platform with connections to your favorite third-party apps, including Tableau, Excel, Sense, and Tibco Spotfire.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

Empower your teams to create their own flexible data workflows and watch their productivity skyrocket.

Pivot App

Summarize and analyze large data sets in a snap. Identify key patterns, trends, and relationships between data points.

Salesforce Connector

Enjoy the convenience of a two-way sync between Salesforce and Smartsheet. Gain real-time visibility into your Salesforce data.

We’d love to help you with PrimeTime Support for these platforms:

Resource Management by Smartsheet

Build your dream team, coordinate project schedules, keep your budget on track, and forecast hiring needs with confidence. 

Bridge by Smartsheet

Automate time-consuming business processes and share data across platforms with streamlined workflows that are customized to your organization’s needs.

Brandfolders by Smartsheet

Empower your marketing and creative teams to organize their assets and review their performance.

Resource Management by Smartsheet
Bridge by Smartsheet
Brandfolder by Smartsheet

Keep our experts on speed dial with PrimeTime Support.